(sub) Design verification

Using ProtoWorkbench we can verify common subcircuits such as power supplies and I2C busses with ease.

Gegevens na verkeersmetingen met TrafficTube

Design services

We can also assist in (re)-designing boards.

Low volume production test

Without dedicated test tooling we can do low-volume testing for prototypes. This will save you a lot of time debugging prototypes.

ProtoWorkbench in your project

Instead of implementing ProtoWorkbench in the project yourself, we can be part of the design team where we configure ProtoWorkbench. This allows you to focus on development while getting the full power of ProtoWorkbench without the need to put any effort into it.

Customizing ProtoWorkbench

We can customize ProtoWorkbench panels, scripts and drivers for your need. If you are developing a complex project we can design dedicated GUI’s and interface to firmware that enable easy control.